Relationships: Independent, Dependent and Contributive

Our environment reflects our inner state of life. Everyone exists in relationship. Our relationships serve as a mirror for our life, and an opportunity for transformation and healing. Through developing fulfilling and enduring relationships our well-being, health, and happiness will be greatly improved. The Chinese character for “person” (ren) shows two people leaning on each […]

A New Departure

A five-year-old boy suitcase in hand departing. While the family stood with their camera to capture the event. All my life I listened to my friends They said, “You were running away something must have happened.” And I believed all those stories But I was not running away No! I was not running away! This […]

Together for The Common Good: Interview with Vern Ho

Remember the joy and love in our life as we take risks and continue to grow. -Vern Ho Vern Ho was a longtime friend, teacher and colleague. Vern was diagnosed with cancer in the spring of 1995. I interviewed Vern on October 28, 1995 regarding how his illness was affecting his personal life and work. […]

Creating a Culture of Courage

We know in our heart what is important. We recognize the necessity of leading from an ethical base, having vision and dealing with reality. Today it is imperative to put into practice what you already know. To move forward calls all of us to courage. How do you find courage in yourself and others? Effective […]