A Practice For Troubled Times

Pause for a moment. Gaze into this scene from nature, and as you gaze upon this scene, notice. Be attentive and aware of the detail, color, and context.

Name what you see:
A rock sitting in the middle of a creek.
Water surrounds the stone in stillness.
Forest shadows resting upon the water.
Branches covered in green moss.

Please take a moment to acknowledge your brain for doing what it does, naming.

Notice any sensations in your body as you view this scene.
Name those sensations.
Notice your emotions and name them.

What else do you notice?

A glimmering rock is resting peacefully in the water, surrounded by a forest. The colors are rich, deep, and calming. The water feels relaxed and at peace.

Stillness. In this instance, what is stillness offering?

The rock appears alone and yet rests firmly among a forest of friends.

Sometimes we may feel alone, such as the rock. Yet notice a sense of stability, nobility, and presence in the stillness of being a part of the symphony of life, nature, and community.

Are we ever alone?

Storms will come, and this scene will change. Waters will rise and fall. And the trees will decay and give birth to new life.

We cannot avoid the storms and anxieties of life. Yet, with awareness and presence, creation and new beginnings will emerge.

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