Creating a Space for Hope

We live in an increasingly multicultural and multiethnic society. Our world community is getting smaller with distinctions and boundaries blurring. It is a time of increasing violence, poverty, corruption, and threats to democracy. Humanity is challenged, hope is challenged.  Reality can give rise to fear, but can also give grounds for hope. I would like […]

Moldova: Creating hope (video)

This video is part of my graduate school thesis project in Community Counseling at Northwest Christian University. The question guiding my thesis work was, “How do we create hope in the face of distressing circumstances?” Moldova was the focus of this thesis. Our team to Moldova consisted of two professors and seven graduate students from […]


Notes from my journal: Interdependence is more important than independence. Rather than creating a safe environment look to develop courage and compassion. The path is not always safe. People do not care how much you know about them once they know how much you care. Choose adventure and service over safety and self-interest. Choose collaboration […]

Moldova: The Faces of Hope trailer

This is a video trailer for a project related to my graduate work in counseling. The photos and video were taken in Moldova (Eastern Europe). Moldova: The Face of Hope trailer

Appreciate Your Life

I cannot take full credit for the following post. A version of this article was sent to me several years ago. Since that time I have made several revisions to it. Learning it is difficult because our society teaches us about good and bad, right and wrong. We are programmed to believe in good and […]

Beyond Difference: Acknowledging our shared culture

It is important to celebrate our heritage, be it cultural, ethnic or spiritual. It is also important to respect those of others. However, only acknowledging what makes us different from others, while ignoring the common source of life that connects us all, leads to divisiveness rather than harmony. Our true identity is to be found […]

A New Departure

A five-year-old boy suitcase in hand departing. While the family stood with their camera to capture the event. All my life I listened to my friends They said, “You were running away something must have happened.” And I believed all those stories But I was not running away No! I was not running away! This […]

Together for The Common Good: Interview with Vern Ho

Remember the joy and love in our life as we take risks and continue to grow. -Vern Ho Vern Ho was a longtime friend, teacher and colleague. Vern was diagnosed with cancer in the spring of 1995. I interviewed Vern on October 28, 1995 regarding how his illness was affecting his personal life and work. […]