Adversity—if you know how to approach it—is a powerful means to awaken and grow. “Bad” karma is an opportunity. 

I’m Alive!

I’m alive! How amazing, I’m alive! Recently I was reading conspiracy theories to learn what some of them are. After a couple of days of reading conspiracy theories, I noticed increasing sensations of fear and doom! Fortunately, I shifted my reading and thoughts to lessons and words of courage, compassion, wisdom, discernment, and love. The […]

How Do You Create and Sustain Hope in the Face of Adversity?

How do you create and sustain hope in the face of distressing circumstances? The world is woven of interconnected threads–we are each linked together. These links are not limited to the human world; they extend to the natural world and all existence. You exist in relationship. In the most challenging times, you have an opportunity […]

Taking the path less traveled

During a bike ride to the office, I paused to share an experience that seems relevant during this time of uncertainty.


One of my daily practices is journaling. I generally use a variation on the practice of active imagination. In the 90s, I did a lot of dream work. Writing on dreams quickly shifted to conducting intuitive dialogues (active imagination). There was a series of books that came out at that time entitled “Conversations with God.” […]

The most important thing…

Each of us is linked together into a single living entity. These links are not limited to the human world; they extend to the natural world and the cosmos and all existence. Everyone and everything exists in relationship. Relationships serve as a mirror for our relationship with life. Each of us has been given the […]

Moments of Resiliency

Sharing an experience and story on difference making, self-crediting, and appreciation.

Stepping into a New Future

When I awoke this morning I was reflecting on the current occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon by a group of out of state militants. I was reminded of something I wrote some time ago. Most of us greet the New Year with at least some degree of uncertainty. Predicting where we […]

To Notice

The desire to be noticed is human. Perhaps it is in our DNA. Perhaps it is part of the attraction of Facebook? We so desire to be noticed, appreciated, and to know that our time here has made a difference. So if you notice that you have some urge to be noticed, let go of […]

It Really Takes Courage

We begin to grow old from the moment we lose hope and the spirit of challenge, when we become self-satisfied or grow resigned to our present circumstances. ~ Daisaku Ikeda When I awoke this morning my thoughts where of the many good things happening in our community. Yes, we have many challenges before us. And […]