Creating a Space for Hope

We live in an increasingly multicultural and multiethnic society. Our world community is getting smaller with distinctions and boundaries blurring. It is a time of increasing violence, poverty, corruption, and threats to democracy. Humanity is challenged, hope is challenged.  Reality can give rise to fear, but can also give grounds for hope. I would like […]

Take a moment

The past is a memory. Draw richly from it… with gratitude. And the future, my you draw forth hope and possibility. Is your past one of beauty and light? No matter how it may appear, you get to choose. It may not be easy. It may take a heart willing to shine the light of […]

A New Departure

A five-year-old boy suitcase in hand departing. While the family stood with their camera to capture the event. All my life I listened to my friends They said, “You were running away something must have happened.” And I believed all those stories But I was not running away No! I was not running away! This […]