Orghei, Moldova


Notes from my journal:

Interdependence is more important than independence.

Rather than creating a safe environment look to develop courage and compassion. The path is not always safe.

People do not care how much you know about them once they know how much you care.

Choose adventure and service over safety and self-interest.

Choose collaboration over parent. We serve best through collaboration and partnership, rather than patriarchy.

It’s not what you do that burns you out. It’s what happens in your mind.

We pay a high price for change. All revolutionary changes in history required the experience of crises, confusion, and disruption. It can be uncomfortable.

Develop a village, you build a nation. Put your energy in local unit development. Yet remember that the primary commitment is to the larger community. Constant attention on the individual or a small team can breed self-centeredness and entitlement.

If you had a favorite grandparent who was dying, what would you ask them?

If you had a grandchild and your days are numbered, and you had one piece of advice to give as a remnant, what would it be?

We do a disservice to others when we make decisions for them. Even if we are right.

Give your full energies
To communicate with good
Always take care
to make honest people your
~ Po Chu-i

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