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How Do You Create and Sustain Hope in the Face of Adversity?

How do you create and sustain hope in the face of distressing circumstances?

The world is woven of interconnected threads–we are each linked together. These links are not limited to the human world; they extend to the natural world and all existence.

You exist in relationship.

In the most challenging times, you have an opportunity to discover and develop your authentic Self.

Covid-19, climate change, a disruptive presidential election year, wildfires across the West Coast, family and workplace challenges, your health. In the midst of all that is taking place, how do you create and sustain hope?

To fall into the world of criticism and disappear makes no difference at all. Despair and criticism can easily lead to flight, fight, or freeze–stuck in the past.

Consider that you are here to create and invent. No matter what the circumstances, there is always some constructive difference you can make. There is a contribution that you can offer.

If we each stepped into making the differences we can in the face of our current situation, the impact on the world would be huge.

Worry, upset, unhappiness only causes people to stop contributing and making meaningful differences, which in turn erodes confidence. In the end, one becomes a mere victim of circumstances.

What you have is power, the power to act. The ideas you act upon matter. Listen to ideas that will contribute to your family, friends, co-workers, or community vs. getting caught up on what’s happening to you.

The heroic efforts and differences are often small. It’s the difference you can make right now in the face of your current circumstances that matters most.

The real challenge is the struggle to become oneself truly. Not the Self that others might want us to be, not even the Self that we might wish to be, but the deep Self trying to awaken at critical crossroads in each life.

What simple action can you take to create and sustain hope and possibility right now within the context of your unique situation?

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