How it Works

Although you may have tried a lot of ways to thrive and heal, you may still feel stuck. The truth is, often, what’s really getting in your way is past experiences, stories, or unresolved trauma.

Past experiences, stories, or unresolved trauma don’t need to be fixed; they need to be uncovered, healed, and re-written.

As you heal, you will start to thrive personally and professionally: you will be more effective in your life, and feel more confident in your work.

There are four key things included in the way I work with clients:

Young african american woman smiling and looking up

Everything works better with appreciation and gratitude.

Most of us go into problem-solving before establishing a space of appreciation and gratitude. This involves learning what your blocks are, and recognizing that all parts of yourself need to be explored and brought to light. In this way, you free yourself to fulfill your potential.

Change is more effective when you start with self-acceptance.

When we can’t accept “what is” there is a tendency for self-judgment. What’s needed is to bring authenticity to where you are right now, your current reality. This means getting to a place where you can be with yourself without judgment and begin to deeply embrace yourself just as you are. It also means letting go of the desire to fix yourself.


Movement requires a path.

Movement begins with self-awareness and acceptance of the narratives and trauma that has blocked you. If you are not clear about where you are, or where you are trying to get to, it’s difficult to move forward.

Create from the present moment.

From a context of genuine acceptance you then create an inspiring and fulfilling possibility for your life, a new context that empowers you with new commitments to action aligned with your goals

True growth happens from our authentic self, not the mind. We tend to try to think our way to healing, but it’s our authentic self that can do the healing.

This work is best not done alone. It’s helpful to have someone who can shine the light on what we are ready to see and hold space for those painful things that are difficult to look at.

If this sounds like it would be safe and nourishing support for you, please take a look at the services I provide.

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