Chuck Craytor

I’m Alive!

I’m alive! How amazing, I’m alive!

Recently I was reading conspiracy theories to learn what some of them are. After a couple of days of reading conspiracy theories, I noticed increasing sensations of fear and doom!

Fortunately, I shifted my reading and thoughts to lessons and words of courage, compassion, wisdom, discernment, and love.

The only revolution this world needs right now is a human revolution, an inner transformation of our life. Deal with your inner fears. Talk to a mentor, therapist, or life coach if you need to. Discover this treasure you and I have been given called life!

Manage your intake of news. There is a lot of good journalism out there. You need to exercise a discerning eye and check sources, and if that’s more effort than you are willing or have the energy to make–avoid the news.

Frankly, right now, it’s OK if you are not doing OK. It’s easy to give in to fear, acknowledge it, and choose anew from a context of love and connection.

Get out and create! Nothings wrong; only your thinking makes it so. And baby steps are OK. Just take action and start. Find somewhere where you can make a positive difference, ever how small.

Be alive!

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