Is This You?

Do any of these sound like you?

You know you have a lot to be grateful for, yet, you may be having trouble sleeping, experiencing anxiety, issues of self-worth, and may even feel you are a fraud at times. You would like to identify any anxiety and feel confident.

You may be idealistic, have high standards for yourself, and want to make a contribution for good. Maintaining those standards is becoming increasingly difficult, leaving you feeling dissatisfied, and possibly irritable and depressed.

You have unresolved trauma that is still impacting your life and relationships.

Since the loss of a relationship (could be a partner, family member, pet, or job), are you feeling overwhelmed, diminished, or empty?

You had lots of dreams, but now your life feels mundane and limiting to you. You are doubting whether it will ever change.

How do I gain the tools to get on and stay on track?

My approach works for:

Working with me will be maximized if you hold some of the following values:

How do you get started?

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