Midnight Musings

Sleep tonight is not going well. On such night’s I generally get up and do something. Yoga works, sometimes. Other times I will get up and make coffee and then read or write in my journal. Eventually, fatigue takes over and I’m off to bed.

At this early hour today I’m doing some stream of thought writing. Haven’t made any coffee, yet.

Some might label me as a “highly sensitive person.” I first heard that label in the 1990s after a book came out by that name. I’m cautious with that label as I prefer not to take it on as an identity. What we focus on grows in power, so it’s best to be attentive to how we identify ourselves.

I don’t like conflict. This is interesting in that I have done a lot of work around conflict resolution. Conflict resolution used to be a big part of my consulting practice for many years. One way to find peace is to avoid conflict, but that sort of peace is short-lived. If we are going to live in the world of human beings it’s going to be difficult to avoid conflict. Still, we all need a place of peace to come home to. It takes some work to create that peaceful space.

Even though I like to keep up on the news and what’s happening, these days I’m careful to manage my news intake. The level of anger, hatred, and divisiveness in the world is overwhelming at times and downright depressing. Again, “what you focus on grows in power.” What’s wrong in the world can easily become a focus. Before you know it “what’s wrong” becomes the context of our listening and our being.

So rather laying sleepless in bed with concerns and worry, might as well get up and do a little inspirational reading, meditation/prayer, and journaling.

Well, it’s time bed.

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  1. Nice one Chuck.
    Lately i have also felt the need to go to bed early and then i wake up at 1 am fully energized.

    I do some email checking.
    Listen to CD i bought from Nepal – hum padme hum.
    Last refuge i put youtube videos of talks by Vernon Howard and with all lights off Vernon’s voice lulls me into a second slumber.

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