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Moldova and Uganda – Part 1

I returned recently from my trip to Moldova and Uganda. The purpose of these trips were to conduct psychosocial assessments and to explore possible future projects. In addition to conducting assessments I was intent in deepening my understanding of the culture and the people in both countries.

Rather than write up my whole experience in one posting, I will spread it out a bit. Also, I am working to cover my expenses from this trip and will appreciate any financial support towards this work. There is still much work to do.

Mother Eva and Larry Rhodes
Mother Eva and Larry Rhodes

Regarding future projects:

In the case of Uganda, several requests were made by my in-country partners to return and help with future psychosocial projects. I left Uganda with a clear objective to return. The details of what the next project will look like are still to be worked out over the next 2-3 months.

Father Centurio

My guide in Uganda was Larry Rhodes. Larry has been working in Uganda for 10 years. Larry travels to Uganda 2-3 times each year, averaging approximately six months out of the year in-country. His efforts have been focused on water projects, medical clinics, providing educational scholarships to youth, and bringing a medical team to Uganda each year. During our trip together we visited areas in central and northern Uganda. Our host in central Uganda (Tororo) was Father Centurio. Our host in northern Uganda (Lira) was Mother Eva.

In the case of Moldova, I did not return with a clear direction or sense of the difference that could be made. I will be meeting in late November with Dr. Amy Ford from Oregon State University to discuss my trip to Moldova and to explore possible future projects. Dr. Ford led my trip three years ago to Moldova.

Vladimir (Vova) Cerbov
Vladimir (Vova) Cerbov

My visit to Moldova was based in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. My host and translator during the day was Vladimir (Vova) Cerbov. Tatiana Iascova was kind enough to serve as my guide and translator during the evenings and weekend.

My next posting will cover Moldova. It is my intent that the process of writing and sharing my experience will provide clarity regarding possible future projects.

With Tatiana Iascova
With Tatiana Iascova

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