Taking the path less traveled

During a bike ride to the office, I paused to share an experience that seems relevant during this time of uncertainty.

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  1. Thank you Chuck
    It’s good to look from the soul and follow your heart. So true the heads leads us so much of the time. You are a blessing to have in my life.
    Was walking up and around Skinners Butte yesterday enjoying a little hill climb and nature. My soul was happy and so were my feet. Walking and riding bikes washes the bodies doubts and fears away when you find the pace place and comfort. The beauty of the park and nature are truly a treasure in our lives. We were checking out the new eagles nest down near the Campbell senior center when the big guy came flying in and perched a few trees away. Oh my what a delightful event.

    1. Chuck, thanks for your comments and for sharing your appreciation for nature and this beautiful area we live in. Wishing you the very best!

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