Recipe for Appreciation

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  1. A wonderful post that’s a meditation in of itself. But we’ve come to expect nothing less of your stellar self, Chuck. I appreciated the disarming candidness re your “perfectionation.” I recall dropping you a note a few years ago asking your opinion on something; you said you’d consider your response before replying. I suspect it’s still sitting in your drafts folder! As are several half-baked emails and Instagram drafts sitting in mine.
    So indeed, we all need to put perfection in its place and Just Do It.
    I also read that taking time to notice, focus and appreciate on the little things makes time feel like it’s slowing down, vs the feeling our lives are flashing by – also an unnecessary stress.
    Your fascination with the paper cup strikes me as consistent with your Buddhist ethos of impermanence; the cup will return to the earth when you finally let it go. The ceramic mug with the office joke on it will be hanging around long after we are dead… 😂
    You’ve inspired me to go into my drafts and knock them off, one by one. Mindfully of course!
    Thank you Chuck!

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