Of Youthful Spirit

Take a moment

The past is a memory. Draw richly from it… with gratitude.

And the future, my you draw forth hope and possibility.

Is your past one of beauty and light? No matter how it may appear, you get to choose. It may not be easy. It may take a heart willing to shine the light of love where it is most needed.

And what of the future? What will you create? Are you willing to live into this future?

What is the source of your possible future? It does matter.

And today. What do you bring to this moment?

Pause for a moment, just a moment. Take a deep breath… and smile.

If there is pain, let it rest for a moment.

Can you sing? Will you? No one needs to hear you. If others do hear you… well that’s OK too.

Can you dance? Give it a try. Even if you are alone. Especially if you are alone.

Notice your hand. Your fingers. Just notice them, quietly.

If there is someone near, take a moment. Listen… notice something of beauty. No matter who they are.

If you will listen, gently, you will hear a song.

Recall a moment of wonder. A moment of innocence.

Maybe you where dancing, singing or holding a child. Or maybe you saw a smile on the face of one who, for a moment, was giving freely of themselves.

If you will, take a walk. Let the rain touch your face, the snow fall to your hand. Feel the sun as it warms your skin. Work with what ever is offered, where ever you may be.

Hear the song, the music.Notice what’s near you, before your eyes… in your heart.

Give thanks that you are here. Where ever you are. For this life you have been blessed with.

Let the light… be. Your smile reflect that light.

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