Inventory the difference you already make

A few years ago, I was having lunch with a few participants in a training program I was attending in Seattle. One woman at the table began to share about her work. She was working as a secretary for an insurance company. She expressed a desire to change careers, stating, “I want to do something […]

Relationships: Independent, Dependent and Contributive

Our environment reflects our inner state of life. Everyone exists in relationship. Our relationships serve as a mirror for our life, and an opportunity for transformation and healing. Through developing fulfilling and enduring relationships our well-being, health, and happiness will be greatly improved. The Chinese character for “person” (ren) shows two people leaning on each […]

The Practice of Appreciation

We share a common desire to live meaningful lives and for our communities to prosper. Yet, the task can seem so daunting that many people resign to concerns only for their own or their family’s well-being. Over time, we discover that such an intent focus on our personal welfare does not provide the happiness and […]