Waldo Lake

Leading in times of uncertainty

No one person is leading others. We are all being lead by certain principles, values, and attributes.

We share a common desire to live meaningful lives and for our families, businesses, and communities to be healthy and prosper. Yet, in times of uncertainty it’s easy to slip into fear and react instead of considering a calm response of wisdom and inclusion.

Beyond limitation and constraint

What if you lived as if you never had any limitations, any restrictions or any fears? What would that be like? There is a way to view our lives that puts the past in an understandable perspective and frees us to create a positive future.

Courage – bringing it to the moment
Regardless of our present situation, the best course of action for moving our life and work forward is by seeing through any fears that would obscure our goals.

When we acknowledge what we have learned from our experience and impersonally identified the thought and action necessary to achieve our goal and objective, the limitation ceases to impress us and we can proceed effectively and peacefully.

Authenticity – letting honesty foster cooperation
Our well-being and success is dependent on the personal honesty we bring to our relationship with ourselves and others. Self-worth, integrity and follow-through contribute to understanding, trust, and confidence that negate conflict and foster peace and positive action.

The ability to streamline decision-making and follow-through begins with choosing to bring our innate intelligence and confidence to the work of our interactions with others and the goals of our organizations.

Inspiration – leading from possibility, not circumstance

Bringing out the best in people, in any climate of uncertainty, takes the kind of leadership that can effectively blend intuition, self-control, responsibility and respect for others.

How would your personal and professional life be different if you saw the best of your self in others? What would we be able to accomplish together?

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