One of my daily practices is journaling. I generally use a variation on the practice of active imagination. In the 90s, I did a lot of dream work. Writing on dreams quickly shifted to conducting intuitive dialogues (active imagination). There was a series of books that came out at that time entitled “Conversations with God.” I’ve never read the series; however, I recognized the author’s practice was similar to mine. I called my practice “Conversations with Intuition.”

The idea of sharing my journaling through blogging and Facebook has come to me for the past four months. I’ve resisted this idea. Lately, the idea has come to me, “What’s the worst thing that could happen if you shard your journaling?” I might make a fool of myself. “And If I made a fool of myself, what’s the worst thing that could happen?” No one would read my posts. Hum, no one is reading my posts anyway since I don’t post anything or only rarely.

I recall the forward to a book I read years ago, where the author (Chin-Ning Chu) wrote that the world doesn’t need her book, but she needs to write it. And in a conversation with the author Peter Block, once he shared that in looking back, his books were generally on topics, he was struggling with himself.

One of my struggles has been concerns about what others think of me. Commonly, we all want to look good in the eyes of others, but this wanting to look good can quickly get in the way of being authentic. It’s uncomfortable acknowledging this, but it’s an ongoing challenge. I’m making progress in this area, and there is still work to do. So perhaps in sharing more of my thoughts, curiosities, and inquiries, these fears will be faced and resolved.

I’m making a promise here, to myself, to share and allow for more vulnerability. The intent behind my sharing is a commitment to creating a little more connection and peace in the world.

This entry was today’s morning journal writing. Friday, January 24th @ 6:24 AM

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  1. Thank you for posting. This is a quiet relief from al, the other clatter that surrounds us. My conversations with self revolve around art.

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