To Notice

The desire to be noticed is human. Perhaps it is in our DNA. Perhaps it is part of the attraction of Facebook? We so desire to be noticed, appreciated, and to know that our time here has made a difference.

So if you notice that you have some urge to be noticed, let go of any guilt or judgement that might surface. Welcome to the world of human being.

Consider this. Today. Pay attention and notice. In particular, notice specifically what you appreciate. Then share your appreciation. You can do this on the bus, in the grocery line, with a stranger, your family or your co-workers.

If you would really like to strengthen your courage skill, then invest in paying attention and noticing something that you appreciate in the person you are upset with. Perhaps there is someone you feel jealousy or resentment towards. It might be someone who’s political or religious beliefs are polar opposite of yours. If you pay close attention and notice, you will find something specific that you can appreciate about them. The action piece is to share your appreciation with them. It will take courage. It’s worth it. You will discover your humanity.

It’s not so much about being noticed as it is about paying attention and acknowledging what we notice of value in others. There are many who will benefit from being attended to in an appreciative manner.

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